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Upshift Sports offers cycling analysis services that no other fitter, expert or guru can. Read below for a few of our services and drop us a line via the contact form below for more information or to book an analysis session! 

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Road, TT (even MTB) Aerodynamic analysis

Wind tunnels are expensive and their data remains theoretical (how often do you ride in perfectly flowing, unbuffeting wind?) They also cost a fortune and can't come to you. Even though we cant measure grams of drag in the real world, we can tell you your real-world aerodynamics, using a stable and reliable technology that measures aero data in the great outdoors (benchmarked against windtunnel and closed velodrome analysis, but using 100% measurement and no extrapolations).  Test your new bike or fit for its true aerodynamic efficiency. Learn whether being in the drops or laying flat on your hoods, is faster on your bike. Find out how much benefit different helmets or wheels offer. We offer Aero analysis in half day blocks in the Amsterdam area. Other locations possible for groups or individuals. Pricing as of  €250, or €300 if you dont have a power meter (compare to €600 for a windtunnel hour)

MTB suspension analysis & optimalization

Riding a front or fully suspended bike is great, but are you certain you're getting the most out of your setup? Or are you considering changing your travel because you're not satisfied with the ride of your bike? We can give you a full front/rear suspension dynamic setup analysis (no theoretical lab work), using QUARQ's top level digital tool, the ShockWiz - and personal experience. Even better, with this system you can analyze how and where you ride, or the scene at trails in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug or Schoorl, with our support. . We do half day group tests and can also book full days for groups or adapted indivudal rates, in locations in Belgium or Germany. This allows clubs or individuals to dial in settings for different terrain during testing. Pricing as of  €80 with staff and a 3 day takehome, €40 for hardware only (diy analysis 3 days, free shipping).

Riding efficiency analysis

How many watts do you waste while climbing a 5% grade at 90rpm? And what about 60rpm? How efficiently do you ride on the flats and into the headwinds? Would ovalized chainrings make you more inertially efficient?  We can help you understand how many watts you lose through poor handling technique and make you a better, more efficient rider. Analysis starting as of  €150 with staff followed by 3 days of data capture solo, free return shipping Benelux). Inquire below for more info. Package deals with other analysis sessions, possible.

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